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These are websites, experts, products and procedures that I feel comfortable recommending because they are rational, reasonable, and based on the best evidenced based information available. Anyone is welcome to link to Safergrass.org, but I do not take my recommendations lightly, so requests for a reciprocal links will be considered, with no promises.


Gene Ovneciks' Natural Balance and EDSS Systems. This method of hoofcare was important to my mares quality and length of life. Use the Farrier Search feature to find someone trained in your area.

EDSS Styrofoam Support Block System
For those in a panic, here's the guide for using the styrofoam supports for accute lamintis.

Thanks for donating web hosting for Safergrass.org. This website is a great collection of educational resources for both horse owners and farriers.

Hoof rehab
If you want to go barefoot, here's Pete Ramey's site. I authored a chapter in his book 'Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot' that can be ordered here.

Plum Shade Farm
A nifty kit for abcesses with soaking boot.


Forage testing

Equi-analytical laboratories AKA Dairy One
I get the 'trainer' package, with added test for WSC. If I'm shopping for hay I just get WSC, ESC and starch. You can always call the lab and have them do additional tests if the carbs are appropriate. See directions for sampling and shipping fresh grass samples.


Diagnostic Laboratory

Animal Health Diagnostic Center, Cornell University
This is the lab that researchers use. ACTH and insulin for only $38! Thyroid panel for $44. Fast turn around. All forms and complete instructions for sample preparation, and diagnostic interpretation if your vet is not experienced dealing with Cushing's testing. I do the paperwork, running around and shipping, and fill out the credit card form downloaded from this site so my vet doesn't even have to hassle with billing. It saves me a bundle!



Pet Health Pharmacy
Pet Health Pharmacy. 1-800-742-0516 Compounded pergolide at very good prices. I'm using the compounded oil based liquid. Helpful hint: the 2 mg/ml costs the same as the 1 mg/ml. Current price= 100 ml of 2 mg/ml liquid for $74.

Veterinary Pharmacies of America inc.
Another source of reasonably priced pergolide is Veterinary Pharmacies of America.



Equine Laminitis Research Unit
Dr. Chris Pollitt's website. Lots of full text papers on laminitis at the cellular level. Also excellent papers from Dr. Catherine McGowan on diagnosis and treatment of Cushing's.



Alliance Nutrition Equine
I also really like the ADM Alliance, Stay Strong Metabolic Pellets. Hefty dose of copper and zinc, with some selenium, in a soy hull, rice bran base. I had it tested and it was 12.4%dm NSC. A cup or two may be all you need to deliver appropriate amounts of these important trace minerals. Go here: Find a dealer with the bottom link on the right.

Balanced Eequine Nutrition
For reasonably priced custom made minerals: Real good price on chromium yeast. I use 5 mgs chromium per day for my insulin resistant ponies with good results.

LMF Feeds

Leading the way with feeds that are truly low enough for insulin resistant horses with active laminitis. Formulated in cooperation with Safergrass.org.


General Horsekeeping

The Integral Horse
Dr. Karen Hayes has a calm, rational, science based yet creative approach to horsekeeping. Her free educational website is http://www.integralhorse.com/ Her little book "Help your Horse live a good long life" would have saved me a LOT of grief if I had it available sooner.

The Perfect Stall
You can purchase Dr. Karen Hayes books here.

Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping
Lot's of good advise available from Cherry Hill.

Julie Goodnight
Also like Julie Goodnight's approach to training.


Pasture Management

This is from down under, but the advise on responsible horse ownership applies world wide.

Peter Moon: The King of Compost. Turn your refuse into a resource.