Sponsoring a Safergrass clinic:


I need a full day to put my information in proper perspective. Consider offering continuing education credits for veterinarians. This may require some advanced preparation, but may increase participation. Consider an additional day for a local pasture experts or conservation agency personnel to speak on local problems (of which they will be much better informed than I). Then I can put that information in proper context for managing the average recreational horse (which is different from a cow ) AND get local experts on the same page at the same time. Best management practices in agriculture must be specific to the conditions in YOUR region, just as best management practices in horsekeeping must be individualized to each horse.

No video taping of lectures is allowed.

Kathryn Watts

What you need to provide as a sponsor:

  • Large projection screen.
  • Portable microphone.
  • Seating in a room that can be darkened.
  • Refreshments for attendees.
  • Not necessary, but its really useful to have a pasture with horses close enough for 'in-field' session on grazing behavior, grass and weed identification, and pasture management topics.
  • Organize venue, catering and local advertising.


Private consultations at local farms as time allows at $60/hour.

For more information, please contact me.